Welcome to Drago Pools

Our company, a pioneer for 45 years in the development and use of polyester, exploiting our experience in the difficult field of shipbuilding ,created a new production line of fiberglass/plastic pools, thus bringing the water element into your home.

The fiberglass pools were designed and built taking into consideration the functionality, the aesthetics and the excellent quality.

Why choose a fiberglass pool:

  • 15 times more durable (stronger) than the traditional swimming pools
  • Quick installation. It takes 3-5 days to install the fiberglass pool instead of at least 8-12 weeks that a built –in pool needs to be installed.
  • Limited use of chemicals, even up to 40% less.
  • Spoiled surfaces – curved angles provide greater security in case of an accident.
  • A retail price saving of 25-40%.
  • Anti-seismic.
  • Less power consumption. Recycling of water 4hours per day instead of 8-10 hours.<8)
  • Built-in levels (steps) in each pool, thus avoiding extra constructions.
  • Up to 50%. less maintenance
  • Possibility of relocation in a new area.
  • Great durability over time.
  • Maintains high water temperatures. The fiberglass pool is able to function as isothermic for several hours.
  • Because simply it is a Drago product.
With the Power of Experience